The Introduction

Integrate with telcos rapidly. Sigtran Gateway provides GSM Mobile Application Part(MAP), CAMEL(CAP) and INAP operations.

Build applications rapidly. Sigtran Gateway will handle complex protocol details.

Focus on business logic and integrate applications with core nodes of a Telecom network through simple and common protocols.

The Details

A Multipurpose Sigtran Solution

Sigtran Gateway

Some of the things you can do with Sigtran Gateway

Common GSM_MAP Operations

SendRoutingInfo (SRI), AnyTimeInterrogation (ATI), ReportSM-Delivery Status, USSD Platform And simple SMSC.

Simple Integration

Integrate your applications easily with simple protocols like TCP Sockets, HTTP and AKKA. It is as simple as sending xml on a socket and receiving the result back.

Free 1-month Support with license

Let our experts do the integration and consult according to your needs.

Free Demo

Feel free to request for a free demo.


Sigtran Gateway is horizontally scaleable which means you can add more nodes to support more traffic. Sigtran Gateway is based on scalable technologies like AKKA and Cassandra which makes scaling very simple.

No TPS Limit

Every license has infinite TPS support, any limitations are purely based on the hardware used.

Supports Multihoming

Supports multihoming and multi sctp associations

Industry tested

Based on Industry tested Jss7 stack from Telestax

Complete Sigtran Protocol Stack


Signaling Transfer Point(STP) Gateway mode

Can serve as a simple sigtran packet relay node.